Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) Five years ago, All Saints Hartford introduced PGS. It has replaced the envelope scheme and become established as the main way of Giving in our Church.  •	PGS was developed and is managed by the Diocese of Gloucester. PGS is a not for profit company (Registered Charity Number 1156606) which processes regular gifts and donations for Anglican Churches. •	There are 34 dioceses actively using PGS including 4,500 churches with over 75,000 givers. •	There are over 30 members in our congregation who use PGS for regular giving, and it contributes more than 60% of our Direct Income.  The scheme enables you to: •	Give monthly, quarterly, or annually by Direct Debit. •	Sign up to inflation linked giving annually if you choose to do so. •	Enhance your giving to the parish by having Gift Aid at 25% added to your gift. •	Give anonymously if you prefer. •	Give securely.  The ways to donate through PGS: •	PGS provides three simple and secure ways to give with confidence; either online, by phone, or by posting a giving form. •	Online – go to the Church Website:  •	Click for latest Content and then click ‘Donate to the Church’ and select ‘Regular Giving’. •	By phone - Call 0333 002 1271 •	Giving Form – ask Paul Fearon or Helen Dowzall for one.  We know that for every giver, generosity is an act of Christian faith  that is deeply personal.