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All Saints Hartford - Mission Giving 2017

Please take home to read and use in your personal prayers

We have been blessed again financially this year and we expect to end 2017 with a small surplus having paid our ministry share again in full. Following the PCC Meeting earlier in November it was decided to show our support to some local groups who work so hard in helping people in our local community.

We want to share the extent of our Mission Giving in 2017 so that we can all support these groups in our prayers.

In Summary in 2017 we have given:

Kitegomba – we have supported the local Church of Uganda Primary School in Kitegomba for several years and they have been using our financial support in their building programme. We have recently sent £884 and the gift has proved timely in helping them to finish the walls and construct the roof for the remaining part of the block that houses the staff room, Library and computer room.

Godmanchester Food Bank – every year we show our support to this local food bank by donating the gifts of food received at our Harvest Festival and the regular contributions through the box at the back of the church. With the increasing need for the work of food banks this is practical support is greatly appreciated.

Fusion – a local charity which works with young people aged 8 to 17 in the Huntingdon area. It has been running for the last ten years providing free holiday activities for children and young people. It has now branched out to provide free term time clubs. The funding which it used to receive from the council has ceased following all the cut backs. In 2017 we have donated £431 and this has been increased by a separate donation of £337 from our Mothers Union raised at a cream tea in the summer. In 2018 we will be making a monthly donation of £50 to them to support their work.

Huntingdon Area Money Advice – HAMA is run by a group of local Christian churches who understand the devastating effect that debt can have on individual lives. They support people in the community in a practical way by helping people take control of their money and deal with their debt problems. Working with the national charity Community Money Advice and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority they provide a debt advice service and on average receive five new enquiries for help every week. Every month we donate £20 to HAMA and this will be increasing to £30 per month in 2018.

Royal British Legion – every year we donate £25 to the Poppy Appeal as they work to help those in need in the Armed Services Community.

Children’s Society – the collection, which is around £150, at the annual Nativity Service is given to the Children’s Society. This charity works to safeguard, defend and protect children and young people through campaigns and the provision of a range of services.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital Chaplaincy – the Chaplains provide Christian love and support to those in our local hospital. The Chaplain’s team appreciate the support that some from our congregation give to them on Sundays and those who also volunteer during the week. Whilst the Hospital Chaplaincy Service is funded by NHS England they are especially grateful for the recent gift of £250 which we have given, and this will be used carefully to buy resources such as prayer cards, holding crosses, wafers and wine, candles and refreshments. Trisha’s ministry in Hinchingbrooke is especially focused on those being cared for in the Woodlands Centre.

Kings Ripton Court – located in Kings Ripton Road, Kings Ripton Court is a Salvation Army Lifehouse for homeless young people with 36 places for people aged between 16 and 25. Residents are given a keyworker, and training needs are identified so that people can live independently when they leave. The training includes the ‘One Step Forward’ resettlement programme which provides information, skills and knowledge on areas including maintaining their future tenancy, building self-esteem and confidence, budgeting, cooking, personal relationships, fire safety, security, and housing matters. We have donated £250 to help this local work.

Secondary Schools Co-ordinator – this is a pilot being run by Ely Diocese. The Secondary Schools Coordinator is helping to engage with the secondary schools in Huntingdon to model and develop good practice, and engage with local churches. Natasha Clark who is the Secondary Schools

Co-Ordinator spoke recently at one of morning services about the work she is doing. We have sent a donation of £250 to support the diocese in paying her salary will do so again in 2018.

Our Mission Giving in 2017

During 2017 as a church we will have given over £2,500 in money to these groups plus other gifts of time and goods and ask that you will support these groups in your prayers that their work with those in need will be blessed by God.