All Saints’ ChurcH Hartford

All Saints’ Church Hartford

The Hollow

Hartford, Huntingdon. PE29 1XP


Revd Geoff Boucher


on 01480 461846

The Church by the River

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Architecture and Content


There has been a Christian church located in Hartford for an indeterminate amount of time. There is evidence of Stone, Iron and Bronze Age settlements in the vicinity. The Saxon name for the settlement was “Hereforde”, which translated means “army ford”, so this would have been a crossing point for the river.

The earliest documentation of a Church is noted in the Domesday book, which records that a simple wooden church was present in 1086. William the Conqueror clearly realised that someone would be interested in the history of the church in the future, and set about addressing this requirement. Sadly, neither the Angles, the Saxons, the Danes, the Romans nor any of their successors, created further content that has documented the history of the church.   

The church in its current picturesque location near to the River Ouse was built in 1180, on what is believed to be the site of a Roman watchtower. The church was significantly restored in 1861 and later in 1895.